Monday, 29 June 2009

My Tv Drama Plan

TITLE: The other side of the street
INFLUENCES:Red Riseing, Britz, The last man standing, This is England
CODES & CONVENTIONS:Based in Yorkshire, Kind on blair wich camera work.
Narinder Singh(Baljit Biring):Indian man, he opens up a curry shop with his friend (Kulwinder Singh) in yorkshire and experiences racist attacks.
Kulwinder Singh(Anoop Nandra):Indian man, he opens up a curry shop with his friend (Narinder Singh) in yorkshire and experiences racist attacks.
Jack Sargent(Jack Sargent):Opens up a fish and chips shop in yorkshire with his friend (Adam brown) and begins to lose money because of indian take away across the road.
Adam Brown(Shaun Ransom):Opens up a fish and chips shop in yorkshire with his friend (Jack Sargent) and begins to lose money because of indian take away across the road.
Ben Moore (Ben Moore):English man hired to smash up and burn down indian shop across the road and to beat up the owners of the shop if they are there.
CONCEPT:This two day experience will explore the world of racism in a brown mans eyes this will also give you a good understanding of how hard it is for the ethnic minority.This program features two english men that own a fish and chips shop, and two indian men from india that open up a indian cuisine in yorkshire. thoughout this program you will see how the two indian men get assulted and get the shop burned down.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Shot Angles

Low: Camera looking up at subject, making it look bigger.
Eye-level: Camera is pointed directly at subject.
High: Camera is looking down on subject, making it look smaller.
Worm's eye: Extreme low angle, camera is very low, looking up.
Canted: Camera is tilted to make subject look slanted.
Bird's eye: Extreme high angle, looking straight down.

Shot Sizes

XLS: Extra long shot/wide shot/establishing shot
LS: Long shot
MLS: Medium long shot
MS: Mid shot
MCU: Medium close up
BCU: Big close up
ECU: Extreme close up
P.O.V. Shot: Camera shoots from a characters P.O.V.(Point of view)
Over-the-shoulder shot: Camerashoots over a character's shoulder.

Textual Analysis

Textual analysis is the process of breaking down a text into its various elements and studying them to analyse how meaning is created. when analysing moving image media (such as film or television) er must examine the following areas:

  • Camera work (shots, angles, movements)
  • Editing (hows shots have been put together)
  • Sound (both digetic and non-digetic)
  • Special effects (if there are any)
  • Mise-en-scene (costume, make-up, facial expression, props, setting, performance and lighting)

Camera Movements

Crab: The camera moves sideways, like a crab does.

Pan: The camera stays in the same spot but pivots left or right.

Tilt: The camera stays in the same spot but tilts up or down.

Dolly: Also known as tracking, the camera moves backwards or forwards.

Boom: The camera moves vertically.

Dexter Analysis Notes

Cinematography:Start- focus on mosquito. kills it. camera refocuses on to dexters face (smile).Extreme close-ups - e.g. cleaning blood,cooking,cutting orange shows intimate detailClose up on face before leaving houseMysterious, only see his face clearly at enddark side

Sound:Foley track (emphasises sound) digetic sound-blood dripping- flossing- pulling key out- cooking- slicing orange- killing the fly- eating- shaving

Non-digetic sound- creepy music- jolly/fairground- ticking- casual/jaunty- click at the end- music fades away when he gets outside (matches his facial expression)
Mise-en-scene: blood, fruit and other red liquids murdercloths white t-shirt (normality) suggest smutheringFacial expression creepy and seems like a syco, but is the opposite when he leaves his houseprops the way he shaves shows the first sign of blood.Normal morning- Breakfast, flossing, shaving etc.
Editing: Dexter is written in bloodJump cuts : him waking up and him shaving, the blood drips in the sink and him wipeing the blood slithering down his neck, him wipeing his neck and him cutting open the meat, him putting the meat in the pan and him stabbin and twisting it, he then puts the meat into his mouth and begins chewing it, also the eggs he breaks the eggs and then stabs it it in the pn and twists it like painful stab wound.The part where he locks his apartment and walks away locking away

Dexter Title Sequence

Key Words

Mise-en-scene: 'Putting in the scene.' Basically everything you see in the frame.

Dialogue: Speaking (What the characters say).

Digetic Sound: Sound that's in the world of TV drama. (what they can hear).

Incidental music: Music that's added on.

Non-digetic sound: Could be sound effects, voice overs, theme tunes etc.

Narrative/structure: Story line

Theme: Ideals/morals explored

Cinematography: Camera work